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    Conveniently and antibacterial plastics market expanding domestic markets around the world
    Release time :2016-07-15

        Plastic antibacterial agent in China to get rapid development in recent years, in broadening the application field. In 2008, national quality supervision and quarantine technology successively promulgated a series of standard implementation of home appliance of antimicrobial, in addition to bacteria. Antimicrobial national standards promulgated in 2011, home appliance, further standardize the application of the antibacterial plastics in household appliances industry. At present, the domestic demand for 150000 tons/year of antibacterial plastics, antibacterial polypropylene in antibacterial plastic occupies an important share of domestic consumption of more than 50000 tons/year.

        "The dosage is not big, because our country before the use of antibacterial materials in home appliances without the compulsory legislation and unified standard. With home appliance antibacterial standard come on stage, the concept of 'antibacterial' will be more and more thorough popular feeling, domestic demand for antibacterial polypropylene also will be more and more big, is expected to demand growth of 20% or more a year." Sinopec Beijing chemical industry research institute deputy chief engineer zhang teacher confidence in antibacterial polypropylene market prospect.

        As people to the product safety and health consciousness enhancement, expanding the scale of the antibacterial plastics markets around the world. Related research report predicts that by 2015, the global industrial applications of antibacterial plastics market scale up to 1.4 billion pounds, product value of 1.03 billion pounds for consumer goods, 20% of global plastic products has antibacterial function. 

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