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    Flame retardant role increasingly remarkable Will flourish
    Release time :2016-07-15

        The flame retardants is one of the effective measures to prevent and reduce the fire, people are increasingly realizing that. In recent years, many experts called for many times, in our country must be flame retardant treatment of flammable and combustible materials so as to reduce the fire hazard. Recently in dalian has issued relevant measures to improve the fire rating, require new buildings heat preservation material must be flame retardant function.

        Flame retardants are used to prevent the material from being ignition and flame propagation inhibition of additives. It is mainly used for natural polymer materials (including plastic, rubber, fiber, wood, paper, paint, etc.) and flame retardant synthetic material. Material cannot be non-combustible material containing flame retardants, because they can still be fire in the fire, but they can reduce the fire danger, which prevent small fire developed into the disastrous fire.

        To be flame retardant of base material reaches a certain request, generally need to add a certain amount of flame retardant, but it tends to deteriorate significantly material physical mechanical properties, electrical properties and thermal stability, at the same time can also cause problems of material processing technology. Therefore, people should according to the use of material environment and use requirements, to the right level of flame retardant materials, and can't regardless of the actual situation, blindly requirements materials have high level of flame retardant.

        There is no doubt that the flame retardant materials and flame retardants in research, production and application is related to the environment and human. Small make up can be predicted that, in our country and even around the world, "flame retardant" are all faced with the prospect of a booming, and will be accepted by more and more people. 

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