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    Coating when used should pay attention to details
    Release time :2016-07-15

        When we were in decorating a face a lot of paint, a confused, don't know how to choose, the use of the chosen paint also notice coating, we should pay attention to when using coating which god?

    1, medium and dark emulsioni paint when construction don't watered as far as possible, otherwise it's easy to have a color difference

    2, plasterboard juncture place to the bandage

    3 there is crack, metope place want to go to the really cool cloth is better

    4, the original wall putty to root out best, or brush glue sealing again

    5, as far as possible to buy famous brand paint, decorate a company to recommend or recommended by the foreman obsure don't use as much as possible

    6, it is too wet, don't brush paint

    7, paint, paint grinding to wait after dry completely

    8, paint under a construction should be carried out after a paint dry before

    9, the metal surface painting antirust processing to do

    10, the weather is too cold, paint construction quality is poor

    11, door paint, want to stick with crepe paper hinge and lock

    12, it was so hot, should pay attention to ventilation

    13, wallpaper, brush oil on the wall

    14, wallpaper, to unload the panel of switch and outlet

    15, the light, the emulsioni paint of mercerized finished at one time, to fill the easy occurrence chromatism

    16, after installation of the line that play a base with latex paint and putty to fill the seam

    17, ground glass to protect with a newspaper 

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