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                  Fire retardant agents should use scientific and reasonable method
                  Release time :2016-07-15

                      With China's economic development and the improvement of people's living standards, fire accident hidden danger is becoming more and more particularly evident. Fire safety become a major problem of the national economy and social life. Add flame retardant in flammable material made it difficult material, has become an important means to control the fire from the source.

                      Joint bromine science and environment of China flame retardant society BBS held a press conference in Beijing, emphasizes the scientific use of flame retardant on the fire prevention, at the same time, using a large number of scientific facts and data reveals that the safety of bromine series flame retardant, and clarify some wrong ideas in the society.

                      Fire safety without flame retardant

                      Bromine science and environment BBS said Han Songqing, vice President of China, at present, a significant increase in the amount of new polymer materials and electronic equipment, if not through strict flame retardant processing greatly increases the risk of fire. Therefore, the use of flame retardants is particularly important.

                      Also mentioned: "understanding of flame retardants in society at present there are still some misunderstandings. One is to think that flame retardant dispensable, does little; the second is only halogen-free flame retardants is green, no halogenated flame retardant is the development direction of the future."

                      "There is no doubt that fire safety without flame retardant." Han Songqing said, "flame retardant effect has been proved by many scientific facts. Commercial counsellor's office by the national bureau of standards (five types of products for the fire test, and tested in polystyrene TV shell, polyphenylene ether computer casings, polyurethane foam filling of upholstered seats, with polyethylene rubber cable and wire insulation outsourcing polyester circuit board in the overall efficacy of flame retardants.

                      Results show that the use of flame retardant materials when the fire broke out of the room for people to escape time 15 times higher than average without flame retardant material room. The European commission's assessment also showed that over the past decade, the use of flame retardant to make the European fire deaths decreased by 20%. "  

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