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    Graphene material national standard has been formally announced
    Release time :2016-07-15

        Industry watches the graphene material terms, definitions, and symbol of national standard (draft) 5 national standardization management committee website officially released in China, and will be in a month to solicit opinions from the public. This marks China's first national standard for graphene make important progress.

        National nanotechnology standardization technical committee nanomaterials branch secretary-general, metallurgical industry information standards institute senior engineer Dai Shifeng is introduced, the terms of the graphene materials national standard of "what is a graphene" and its related material terms are defined in detail, is the domestic first proposed graphene term system build plan.

        Notable is, the standard creatively put forward "graphene material product code". The symbol is composed of the basic core of graphene materials information, through for graphene companies active in the form of self declaration of graphene materials with some basic information, let the public know clearly about the basic quality of graphene materials.

        It is understood that in recent years, the industry of graphene high attention, graphene research and industrialization progress has been achieved. However, for what is a graphene, due to lack of uniform standards in China, has been different versions, making the market.

        "The standard formulation and implementation, on the one hand, provides a unified industry and academic exchanges of technical language, on the other hand, the release of a product code will also be industry self-supervision and self-discipline provides an effective means, to avoid the false propaganda behavior, individual is helpful to guide and promote graphene industry healthy and orderly development of China." Dai Shifeng said.

        He believes that the national standards for advice, is to solicit opinions from all walks of life, perfect the standard technology content, the process of propaganda to the society is an important opportunity to draft standard technical content.

        In addition, China's first graphene international standard proposal submitted recently has been the international organization for standardization of initial recognition, is expected in the second half of this year. For graphene industry in China to actively participate in international technical rules provide a good opportunity, the future of the graphene industry walk out to lay a solid foundation.

        Graphene material is excellent electrical, thermal, optical and strength properties of nano materials, new energy equipment, transportation, aerospace and other fields has a good application prospect. At present, Britain, the United States, South Korea and other nations are to promote the industrialization of graphene, China is also the graphene one of the most active country research and application development. Data show that the number of graphene patent application in our country, has more than 2200, accounting for one-third of the world. 

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