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    Chinese coatings industry into gear
    Release time :2016-07-15

        At present, the development of coating industry in China into the low speed growth. Under the new situation, the domestic paint companies strategic transformation, product diversification, differentiation trend accelerated; At the same time due to speed up the embrace of capital market, sinking sales channels.

        Di ancient lira coatings (China) co., LTD., China yan said that the current economic development in our country has entered a new normal, in the reform of real estate high inventory, supply side and painting combination of multiple factors such as market saturation, the company has a current day is not easy. According to statistics, last year the domestic coatings production reached 17.1757 million tons, up 4.2% year on year, total sales of 386.757 billion yuan, an increase of 7.1%, is the domestic paint industry for more than 10 years the second period of slow growth.

        Figure tester tool system technology (Shanghai) co., LTD., the national sales director for lin-lin Yin mentioned, since this year, due to the coating raw materials price increases overall, production costs significantly increased, and some enterprises face due to reasons such as backward production capacity, poor quality products prices, some companies even have the risk of failure.

        Countries close down backward production facilities, dissolve the property inventory, reduce the cost of the real economy enterprises, increasing the effective supply and to leverage, risk prevention measures such as in the structure of reverse coating industry, coating industry exist various problems and contradictions are being intensified, reversed transmission coating industries and enterprises to speed up the transformation and upgrading. Therefore, due to accelerated the pace of strategic transformation. In the first half of this year, the domestic coatings market segment trend more obvious, art paint gradually become a hot market, reveals the new trend of industry transformation. Akzo Nobel swire lacquer oily (Shanghai) co., LTD., decorative paint project sales manager Joe fai think, as the traditional market profit margins are squeezed, a single category of coatings have been unable to meet the needs of the consumers. In the future, coating market will accelerate the trend of refining segment, art paint with high profit expectations become a new hot spot market. It is understood that the three trees, bud, Nippon, duoleshi enterprises have successively introduced art paint brand.

        In addition, the capital layout is also become the consensus of coatings industry, the industry enterprises began to accelerate embrace the capital market, from the previous product competition evolved into the competition of capital. According to chemical electricity holding group vice President, to buy the plastic co-founder and COO Liu Ning introduces, in June of this year, three trees paint co., LTD, landing a-share market, becoming the first civil coatings. Liu Ning that listed for coating enterprise is a new direct financing channels, to fundamentally solve the coating enterprise demand for capital.

        Sales to the terminal in the market, our country coating permeability, sales channel sinking trend is more obvious. Liu Ning said, due to falling sales in recent years, resulting in a decline in the demand of the central city of coating market, a market saturation, second-tier cities, each big paint companies turn to three, four cities and the villages and towns market, efforts to develop new business opportunities and market space.  

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